Consultancy on NUTRITION Training to 250 beneficiaries in 5 Villages in Jowhar District, Somalia

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL – Consulting Services for NUTRITION Training to Farmers in 5 Villages in Jowhar District, Somalia.

Organization: CEFA

Opening Date: 18th May 2021

Closing Date: 30th May 2021

Please see complete REQUEST FOR BIDS and BIDDING DOCUMENTS at the following link:

Tender No: REF: REBOOT-CEFA 07




(Name of consultant) 18 May 2021

Re: Consulting Services for NUTRITION Training to Farmers to 5 Villages in Jowhar District, Somalia.

Dear Madam/Sir:

  1. The European Committee for Training and Agriculture (“CEFA”) has received financing from Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (“ACIS”) for Reboot Project – (dib u bilaw) – Food Security Emergency Relief to Economic Development of Jowhar’s Agricultural Sector and intends to apply a portion of the proceeds of this grant to eligible payments under this contract, for which this Request for Proposal is issued.
  2. CEFA invites you to submit technical and financial proposals in accordance with the documents attached to this letter and the annexed Terms of References (TOR). The Client intends to hire a consulting person or a no-profit organization (the “Consultant”) to provide consulting services in NUTRITION Training to 250 beneficiaries farmers in 5 Villages in Jowhar District, Somalia.
  3. The Consultant may sub-contract selected activities provided that said services do will not exceed 20% of the total consultancy work.

4. A consultant will be selected under the Quality and Cost-Based Selection (QCBS) method in accordance with the procedures set out in CEFA.

Terms of Reference (ToR)

Title of the action: NUTRITION Training to 250 beneficiary’s farmers in 5 Villages in Jowhar District, Somalia


Locations of the action: Jowhar District, Somalia


Duration of the action:1 month


Objectives of the action

*Implementation of NUTRITION and malnutrition prevention

1. Background

The European Committee for Training and Agriculture (CEFA) is an International Non-Governmental Organization established in 1972 and active in 10 Countries in Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe. CEFA’s medium- and long-term interventions in agricultural, environmental and Human Rights sector are focused on the sustainable development of the communities, achieved by involving local counterparts and by promoting the active participation of the beneficiaries.

2. Overview of the project

The consultancy is part of the AICS funded project “REBOOT – (dib u bilaw) – From Food Security Emergency Relief to Economic Development of Jowhar’s Agricultural Sector led by CEFA and financed by AICS

The overall objective of the actions to contribute to strengthening the resilience to recurrent climate, economic and social shocks of rural communities in food insecurity in Somalia.

The specific objectives of the action to strengthen and diversify the livelihoods of rural communities at risk of severe food insecurity (CPI 2-4) in Jowhar District through the adoption of sustainable agricultural production and water management practices

3. Objectives of the consultancy

The main objective of the consultancy is to coordinate, supervise, guide and monitor the training of 250 beneficiaries in 5 different communities on Nutrition strengthen the nutritional status of young people, women, and internally displaced people.

To achieve the stated objective, CEFA wishes to engage a qualified and experienced consultant company to execute the assignment on contract basis. The consultant shall have a proven track record and extensive hands-on experience in training in nutrition and malnutrition prevention, specifically related to NUTRITION in Somalia. The consultant shall have good knowledge and understanding in working within smallholder farmers in implementation of NUTRITION projects in middle and lower Shebelle regions of Somalia.

4. Description of the works

· Training on NUTRITION to 250 beneficiaries (selected by CEFA staff in accordance with local authorities and village communities in between, Women are part of the nutrition intervention, therefore women affected by MAM and SAM and/or mothers of malnourished children, both among the local population and displaced; Women head of the family, both among the local population and displaced persons under Reboot project)

· Training Agenda and training curriculum, other support materials should at the least cover the following: FOOD&NUTRITION SECURITY: Basic nutrition, balance diet, NUTRITION & HEALTH: malnutrition, maternal nutrition, Causes of under-nutrition, Tips for optimal infant and young child feeding; FOOD SAFETY, STORAGE & PRESERVATION: food safety and hygiene, Food storage and preservation

· The 250 beneficiaries will be divided in 5 groups of 50 farmers per village. Each group will be trained per 3 consecutive days, with demonstration on agreed agenda and contents and related work plan.

· CEFA will support the consultant in the organization of the logistic for each training.

· The beneficiaries are already selected by CEFA and will be registered in advance,

· The consultant we will coordinate with CEFA staff to mobilize those beneficiaries within establish timetable

· A training report (with activity pictures) shall be sent to CEFA within one week after the completion of the training. Supportive documentation as attendance list signed by trainees, per day, minutes of the discussions, they will be attached.

· A staff member from MoAI would be monitoring the implementation of the activities daily

5. Scope of the consultancy

The bidder will carry out the following specific task:

  • Prepare a Methods of Statement and related workplan
  • Liaise with the CEFA staff and community villages and village committees to identify and mobilize the beneficiaries
  • Training in respective areas on Nutrition and malnutrition prevention 250 beneficiaries on greed topics and agenda

Training Deliverable

  • Training reports for each topic
  • Final Participant list for the course
  • Detailed Training Program Agenda provided to CEFA before the course
  • Evaluation of training objectives.
  • Copy of the level one evaluation format given to the participants (attitude, feedbacks of trainees to the course)
  • Copy of the level two pre and post-course tests on which learning results are based, e.g. True/false, multiple-choice questions testing knowledge, open-ended question formats, and/or project work.
  • Comments on training materials requirements.
  • Photos of participants
  • Recommendations and proposals for improved training in the future (if any).

6. Reporting

The Consultant shall prepare and submit to CEFA an inception report containing, Methods of Stamens and Workplan and the final completion report. All reports submitted must be approved and countersigned by the CEFA staff. The final report will contain the description actual work done, beneficiaries reached, and related attendance lists signed by beneficiaries, minutes during the open discussions, general outputs, pictures during the activities conducted

7. Qualifications and Experience of the consultant staff involved

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in field activities, preferably in development projects in the Nutrition and Food Security sector.
  • Bachelor’s degree Nutrition or Health sector or high school diploma with at least 4 years of work experience.
  • Previous experience in NUTRITION and malnutrition prevention training
  • Good oral and written knowledge of English and Somali.
  • Excellent knowledge of the Somali context, in particular of the project area (Jowhar District).
  • Be legally registered in Hirshabelle state.

8. Statement of the duties and responsibilities of the client

CEFA will be involved from the beginning of the consultancy and will work closely with the consultant. Other technical officers from CEFA will be engaged in the exercise whenever necessary- at the project cost.

CEFA will be responsible to support the consultant during the period in:

· Processing payments.

· Arranging for the site meetings and any other discussions as may be needed.

9. Consultant’s Fees and Payments

The fees agreed upon between CEFA and the consultant shall cover the wages and salaries, transport costs, accommodations the Consultant engaged for the delivery of Nutrition training.

In proposing the level, timing and type of professional staff, the Consultant will take due account of the requirements of the terms of reference and will consider all relevant factors that affect the cost of the assignment.

The payments for supervision of construction works shall be done on deliverables as follows:



Updated workplan and methodology


Progress reports

20% (up to 150 beneficiaries reached)

Final report


10. Duration and Timeline of the consultancy

Generally, the proposed timeline for the implementation is as follows


Time after commencement date

Updated workplan and methodology

1 week

Progress reports

2 weeks

Final report

1 months

How to apply

  1. Submission Procedure: Please submit your Technical and Financial Proposal using the forms provided for this purpose within this Request for Proposals (RFP). Your proposal should comprise one (1) original and one (1) copy of both the technical and financial proposals to the address provided below.**
  2. The Technical and Financial proposals shall be submitted no later than 5.00pm EAT of 30th May 2021 to the address below:**

CEFA Regional Office in Nairobi

Brookside Close, off Brookside Drive

Attn: – CEFA Program Manager

Or alternatively to the following email address:

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