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The Response Innovation Lab’s role is innovation on the ground in humanitarian contexts – real time solving of problems in large-scale humanitarian emergencies and protracted crises such as earthquakes, typhoons, civil war and unrest. Similar to business, there are problems, both simple and complex, that are often only visible on the ground.

Our aim is to complement the traditional humanitarian system by adapting interventions and methods of humanitarian operations to more effectively meet the needs of populations affected by crisis. The RIL develops, tests and rolls out proven concepts that overcome context-specific problems or barriers to aid delivery and community recovery. On the ground amongst humanitarian agencies, innovations will work toward reducing the suffering of those affected by crisis and help communities to recover faster and build back better.

One of our core services is the MatchMaker. It aims to connect challenge holders in the humanitarian sector with tested innovations.

Currently, the MatchMaker is available to any organization open to solving challenges in a new and innovative way in the five countries where RIL is operational: Iraq, Jordan, Puerto Rico, Somalia, and Uganda. Users of the service can be humanitarian organisations, government ministries, private sector, CBOs, social enterprises or any organization that is interested to use new solutions to solve humanitarian challenges.

With is video RIL wants to ease the understanding of the MatchMaker service and attract organizations to use the service.

2. TASK OBJECTIVES: Documenting attendance tracking pilot in schools in Puntland

To highlight and explain the steps and procedure of RIL’s MatchMaker service through a short information video.


· Consulting the content of the video outlined in the already drafted storyboard.

· Developing the graphics for a short 2-5 minutes video.

· The audio in the video should be in English and Somali, but possible to translate to other languages at a later stage.

· Editing video content in English and Somali language with subtitles as required and soundtrack or voice-over option.

· Presenting the rough cut of the video to the Communication department and project Coordination team for review, inputs and feedback.

· Revising the video based on inputs



· The first version of the deliverable is expected to be received within 2 weeks.

· This will include two versions of the same video, one in Somali, and one in English.

· The videos should be high-definition and formats Mp2 & Mp4 only.

· The videos should be edited and refined before final submission.

· All the raw footage will be submitted to World Vision Somalia and RIL.


· World Vision will provide guidance on how the video depicts people to ensure child-safeguarding principles that the consultants will have to abide by.


· Copyright solely belongs to RIL; therefore, all productions and written content will be purely RIL property.

· RIL and donor logo and any other logo allowed the coordination team can appear on productions.

· Any of the content produced during this project cannot be re-used for another purpose without RIL’s permission.

· All outputs will be provided on disk and should have logos as agreed with coordination team.


· Well qualified persons in the required field with previous experience with similar jobs with donors’ entities and humanitarian agencies.

· Using innovative communication techniques and tools in conducting its work.

· Knowledge of NGO visibility requirements.

· Understanding of cultural conditions in Somalia.

Ability to express clearly and concisely ideas and concepts through graphic development and video development

How to apply

Application procedure

Bidders should;

· Submit a technical proposal with a Letter of Interest, stating why you consider yourself/your firm suitable for the assignment and company profile with evidence of similar work done

· Where the applicant is an individual (not a Company/firm) Personal CVs for individual consultant highlighting qualifications and experience

· Separately submit Financial proposal (MUST not be part of Technical Proposal) indicating consultancy fee and a breakdown of expenses (unit price together with any other expenses) related to the assignment.

Applications from qualified firms/individuals should be submitted on or before 20th May 2020 to

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