Call For Proposals For Low Value Grants Strengthening Somalia’s Social Contract Civic Engagement on Reconciliation and Federalism in Somalia (CERF – Somalia)





Strengthening Somalia’s Social Contract

Civic Engagement on Reconciliation and Federalism in Somalia (CERF – Somalia)


Project Title: Reconciliation and Federalism Support Project (REFS) for Somalia

In line with the National Development Plan (NDP), the Reconciliation and Federalism Support (REFS) project contributes to the goal of Inclusive Politics targeting to: “Achieve a stable and peaceful federal Somalia through inclusive political processes and effective decentralization”. The Project also has direct thematic linkages with Inclusive Politics Roadmap (2017-2020) with 20 out of total 70 milestones shaping the scope of work of the REFS project. Mutual Accountability Framework (MAF) also guides the role of REFS.

The REFS project is aimed at institutional capacity building of the relevant line-ministries and departments at both Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and the Federal Member States (FMS) levels; involving civil society, academia, media and think thanks in developing and implementing context-sensitive programmatic interventions; and strengthening and deepening the processes of reconciliation and federalization in Somalia. Since 2019, the project is specifically providing strategic, institutional, technical and operational support/assistance to the eight FGS/FMS counterparts in Somalia.

The REFS project is engaged in supporting the FGS and the FMS to implement their chosen method of State Administration and Federalism process through need-based political settlement, boundary delimitation and multi-pronged reconciliation processes. The project is aimed to consolidate State-formation

efforts towards building and harmonizing the emerging federal system in the FGS and the FMSs, ensuring alignment with the objectives of the New Partnership for Somalia (NPS) and the NDP. More importantly, the Project is aimed to support the different levels of government to establish requisite administrative machinery geared towards the improved service delivery to the Somali people.


Rationale: Strengthening Civic Engagement on Reconciliation and Federalism in Somalia

The intention of this call is to engage with the citizenry through civic engagement and public outreach campaigns, which are essential to create civic knowledge and enhance public participation in the processes of reconciliation and federalization. Therefore, UNDP is seeking proposals from civil society organizations (CSOs), focusing particularly on youth and women organizations and organizations of the persons with disabilities to implement high impact programs on the advancement of civic engagement and public outreach on the ongoing processes of reconciliation and federalization in Somalia with geographical focus on Hirshabelle, Puntland, Galmudug, Southwest, Jubaland and Banadir Region. At the same time, cognizant of COVID-19, the partner CSOs will raise awareness of citizenry on threat and impact of the pandemic, mitigation measures and guidance of the World Health Organizations (WHO) and Somalia health system on corona virus.

The REFS Project recognizes various layers of reconciliation with a strong focus on civil society engagement by supporting different initiatives and efforts aimed at strengthening the capacity of


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